Diversant Principal John Goullet

UPDATED: December 21, 2016

Breaking News: John Goullet was recently announced principal of Diversant. He has all the IT experience along with a vision for the company that comes from his time in the industry. He knows how to help people when they come in asking for new computer systems, and his team will adapt something new for the customer. The customer is in good hands when they come to the Diversant, and the customer can see the portfolio of work that proves they are in the right place. Everyone wins when they are at Diversant and sitting across the desk from John Goullet.

UPDATE: November 22, 2016

John Goullet interviewed with ideamensch about DIVERSANT, which is his company. He talked about his ideas, how the idea for DIVERSANT came up, and life as an entrepreneur. He also discussed one strategy that helped him to grow his business, and he talked about his daily life and what his daily habits are like. He also discussed how to learn from failure, which is a lesson all entrepreneurs can take from him.

For more information read the full article here.

UPDATE: October 28, 2016

John just launched his new website! You can learn so much about John from this source of information. Here’s a little excerpt from some information gathered from the site….. John Goullet is an IT Tech staffing professional. He is also an entrepreneur. His began his career as an IT Consultant and in 1994 made his way from consulting into IT Staffing. He then founded Info Technologies and his leadership within the company was shown to be effective and within 5 years the company was worth $30 million and ended up being one of the fastest growing privately held firms of that time. He eventually merged the company with Diversant Inc. creating Diversant LLC where he is currently the principal of the company. As principal of the company he is encouraging staff to be creative thinkers and uphold ethical behavior.

Check out his website to learn even more!

UPDATE: October 1, 2016

Since Diversant’s merge with John Goullet’s Info Technologies it’s been growing at an exponential rate. They recently set up a new satellite office, making it a worldwide force to be reckoned with. This is major news for the firm and shows that they have no plan of slowing down anytime soon.

Diversant is a technology staffing firm that serves the needs of both technology professionals and companies looking to hire such workers. Like a number of other organizations, Diversant has certain leadership that provides its overall direction. The current leader of Diversant is the principal John Goullet. John has helped establish Diversant as one of the premier technology staffing firms in the United States. Under the leadership of John Goullet, Diversant looks to serve its clients through core values such as diversity, teamwork and discipline. With these values, John Goullet makes sure that his company efficiently meets the needs of all of clients who look to get the ideal work arrangement.

John Goullet has been involved in the technology and computing industries for nearly three decades. As a result he has acquired a considerable amount of experience that allows him to easily meet the needs of technology professionals and companies looking to hire such people. Goullet is well aware that technology professionals of all experience levels and specialties are looking to get started in their careers or to advance it. At the same time, Goullet understands that a variety of companies are in need of technology professionals to help manage and run their technology departments. Therefore John has emphasized that his staffing firm work with a variety of professionals and companies along with working together with staff member to help clients meet their professional goals.

Before John Goullet became the principal of Diversant he worked in the technology and computing industry as a consultant. During his time as a consultant he would evaluate computer hardware, software and also certain functions such as programming, maintenance and database administration. He would then advise his companies on how to get the most out of their technology resources. By the mid 1990’s, Goullet realized that there was a huge demand for companies looking to hire professionals who specialized in technology. As a result he started up his own staffing firm in which he would help technology professionals find their ideal employment opportunity and companies get the workers they need to fill their open technology positions. While his own firm was successful he would eventually merge with Diversant and take his current position.