Xanda The Lion Killed By Hunter

The Huffington Post published an article about the shooting of Xanda the lion indicating that he was killed by trophy hunters just two years after his father Cecil the lion was killed in Zimbabwe. Xanda was six years old and he will not be lucky enough to make it to seven. Cecil was killed by an American dentist just a short time ago. After killing the lion, he was forced into hiding due to the outcry from animal activities all around the world. Today, we learned about Cecil and Xanda met the same faith outside of Hwang National Park. Researchers were able to identify the lion due to motioning of the lion that had been going on since he was born. Researchers have closely monitored the lion since he came into the world, but this could not protect him from facing a significant amount of harm at the hands of a trophy hunter.

Hunting is illegal within the national park, but this does not include cases where the lion may venture outside of the national park. Researchers made an announcement about the death of the lion and indicated that they were greatly saddened by these events. However, it appears that the hunter killed the lion legally in accordance with the regulations. The role of the male lion is to protect others that are weaker and this is just one of the many reasons that the offspring of Cecil will be missed. If you are an animal lover, continue to follow updates on this story as they unfold. However, you probably want to know what the hunter has to say about killing the lion. As of now, the person that killed the lion has not let their identify out. However, we do have the communication from the lawyer who was returned the collar to researchers after informing them of the events.