Who benefited for Omar Yunes’ BFW Win?

Omar Yunes joined the international franchising limelight in style by winning the BFW, Best Franchisee of the World Award in 2015. He clinched the trophy in a competition which brought together some of the best franchisees in the world. What made it more iconic is the fact that he represented Mexico which was participating for the very first time. However, the award was more than a personal achievement.

Omar Yunes

Omar Yunes’ portfolio received a major boost from the win. He had entered the industry aged 21 as a franchisee for the Japanese food label Sushi Itto. He created a market for the products in Mexico City before expanding to other parts of the nation such as Veracruz and Pueblo. By 2015, he was operating more than 13 units. It made up about 10% of the brand’s total units.

In addition to his entrepreneurial success, Omar Yunes’ leadership and managerial insight brought to the brand new management models. He first designed performance measurement structure to solve the performance measurement issues faced across the network. Later he created a system that ensured smooth information management and dissemination in different units.

Sushi Itto

The brand name is recognized for its unique tastes and flavors. Omar Yunes’ BFW award not only brought the label to an international scope but also showed its support for innovation and creativity. He proved that it is only by creating and fostering creativity that the franchising industry can grow. The brand had incorporated Omar Yunes’ innovations into its management systems.

Benjamin Cancelmo, Sushi Itto’s CEO, pointed out that the achievement testified of the brand’s pursuit of excellence. He promised that it would continue to support innovation and creativity by all its franchisees. Yunes too in his acceptance speech thanked the brand for its support.

Mexico’s franchise Industry

Mexico’s franchising industry is undoubtedly one of the strongest in the world. However, it had been hidden from the global arena until Omar Yunes won the BFW. Leaders such as Diego Elizarraras explained that the victory earned the country’s franchising sector a global foothold. It turns out Yunes achieved more for his country and brand than can be adequately apprehended.

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