What is the Meaning of Socialistic Government – Thor Halvorssen

On March 2, 2016, Fox News interviewed Thor Haloverssen on his definition of Socialism. Trish, the host on Fox News, asked Thor Haloverssen, president of the Human Rights Foundation,  for a definition of Socialism. Halvorssen responds with his definition of this form of the government saying that countries that do not violate human rights can have social governments, and that doesn’t present a problem, but the problem appears under an authoritarian government, or someone using socialism as a mask to control. In Socialism, you will always hear how the government is going to help the people and ultimately end up looting the country.

Trish responds by asking Halvorssen to broaden his definition of socialism because the people voting in this election do not fully understand the results of a socialistic government. Halvorsen expands his definition by stating that people can take a historical definition of socialism, or they can take an academic definition of socialism because obviously, the democratic countries have socialist policies. Some people believe that being a Socialist has the same meaning as Communism, Marxism.

Socialism, Communism, and Marxism have definite differences. Venezuela, for instance, in this country the government decides pricing on certain items should be set at a certain amount, although the pricing will cause a massive shortage and this will cause a humanitarian crisis.

The Venezuelan Government for decades had Labor Governments that nodded to democratic socialism. Democratic socialism can exist, but the problem is when socialism replaces human rights and takes over everything, making decisions for everyone and everything. Social cannot replace free markets, and dictatorships are a much bigger problem.

My father was a political prisoner in Venezuela; my mother was shot by the regime, and my first cousin is currently a prisoner in a Venezuela prisoner, all acts of the government.

Halvorssen continues saying he has donated the maximum amount of money allowed to the Bernie Sanders campaign. When did Trish ask why? Halvorsen explained that the Democratic front-runner has taken millions and millions of dollars from many dictatorships in the world. Countries such as Saudi Arabia, Algeria, and many other dictatorships around the world. The Democrat candidate has taken money from countries that execute people for being gay, restrict all press freedoms, ban Christmas. Halvorssen donated funds to Bernie Sander’s campaign to help stop people who take money from dictatorships.

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