We Receive the Light of God through Kabbalah

We live in a fractured world. For the greater part of our lives we use our ego to survive, gain wealth and success. As we grow older and wiser we find that all of our struggles are but an illusion. We must leave this world with nothing. The Bible tells us that to live a life full of grace and joy we must not worry about accumulating wealth either for ourselves or others. Rather, we must give to others and give service to others without expecting anything in return. This is the foundation of Kabbalah Centre.

Zohar and Kabbalah are spiritual teachings that include the five books of Moses, interpretations of scripture and readings on metaphysics. In the beginning, Zohar and Kabbalah were taught on a one to one basis with one Rabbi and one student. Over time, it was expanded to include larger groups of students. In the twentieth century Kabbalah was expanded worldwide. The key Rabbis in this movement were Rav Philip Berg and Rav Yehuda TzvpBrandwein who founded the first Kabbalah Centre in the United States in 1965. It was called the National Research Institute of Kabbalah. Upon RavBrandwein’s death, Rav Philip Berg and his wife Karen undertook to expand religion centers worldwide. When Rav Philip died his wife Karen and son Michael carried on to expand Kabbalah centers in more than 50 countries and translated Kabbalah into most world languages.

The guiding principle of each center is to promote volunteering and service to others. The religion belief here is that it is through volunteering and service to others that we receive the Light of God. The more often we do this the more of the Light of God that we receive. The Kabbalah Centres are formed as groups. Members eat their meals together and choose the volunteering activity they will participate in. We find them mentoring other students, feeding the homeless, visiting the sick, cleaning beaches and finding other ways of being of service.

We must remember that Kabbalah is for each one of us regardless of our age. We must put aside our worldly goals and focus on giving to others and being of service whenever possible. It is through these fundamental spiritual practices that we receive the Light of God.