Veterinarian Committed To Saving The Lives Of Animals

Dr. Sukhjit Dhaliwal is a veterinarian who works for Critters Without Litters. This is a clinic that is committed to controlling the pet overpopulation problem. Dr. Dhaliwal spays and neuters anywhere from 30 to 35 animals per day. She can operate on a cat in just 7 minutes. She can operate on a dog in just 10 minutes.

Because Dr. Dhaliwal is able to operate on nearly 200 animals in one week, she is doing her part to curb the pet overpopulation problem. This takes the burden off of the shelters that are overwhelmed because they do not have enough room for the animals. This also reduces the need to put down animals because shelters are overpopulated.

Dr. Dhaliwal has worked for Critters Without Litters for the past four years. She is a passionate veterinarian who is truly committed to her job. She always looks out for the best interest of the animals. She wanted to work for a non-profit organization because she got tired of seeing animals put down.

Dr. Dhaliwal stated that seeing animals be killed bothered her a lot. Many of the animals who were put down were young and healthy. She stated that fixing animals is a better alternative to putting them down. Vicky Thrasher is the executive director of Critters Without Litters. She stated that they could not have a better veterinarian working for the clinic.