Tyson the Cat to be Reunited with Family Nearly 3,000 Miles Away

We’ve all heard stories about pets finding their owners after a long-distance separation before. This story is about Tyson the cat who is making a journey of 2,900 miles to be reunited with his family.

In July, his U.S. military family stopped for the night in the Yukon town of Teslin, located on the Teslin River, as they made their way from Fairbanks, AK to their new posting in New Mexico. Tyson slipped away from the family there and has been living on his own for about six months through harsh winter weather.

The people of the town of Teslin took Tyson in. Different ones fed him and he ended up living at the Hamlet office. He was skittish and avoided people. He was discovered living in a wall.

Once he was captured, he was discovered to be skinny and in need of medical attention. When they took him to the vet, the doctor noticed he had an implanted microchip that would tell the doctor who he belongs to. They tracked the family down and found them in New Mexico.

This lost pet made many friends on his adventure. He even spent time in the Yukon Legislative Building. Many have taken an interest in reuniting Tyson with his family. A provincial government official has offered to drive Tyson to the larger city of Whitehorse to place him on a flight to Vancouver where his family will meet him.