Tips for Pet Owners During Hanukkah

Do you celebrate Hanukkah? Hanukkah poses unique issues for pet owners. Here is how to keep your pet animals safe during Hanukkah.

You are lighting a menorah that has real candles with real fire, make sure to keep your pet out of the room. You do not want your patch to knock down the menorah. Keep the door locked so that your pet does not go in. Make sure to supervise your pet as long as the candles are burning.

If you are using small dreidels, make sure to keep the dreidels away from your pet. You do not want them to accidentally swallow a dreidel and choke on it.

On Hanukkah, many people eat latkes. Latkes are made out of grated potatoes with plenty of oil. They have a lot of fat, and are not healthy for dogs and cats. Besides, many latkes have onions. Grated onions can cause anemia in dogs and cats.

Another Hanukkah food is sufganiyot. These are donuts that are fried in oil. They sometimes contain jelly or custard inside. They are high in fat and extremely unhealthy for dogs and cats.

Another popular Hanukkah food is chocolate gold coins. These chocolate coins are usually wrapped with gold foil. Chocolate should not be ingested by your pet. It is not healthy for dogs and cats. The metallic foil wrappers should not be left lying around, as a dog or cat can choke on them.