The SCIM Protocol Developed By OneLogin Helps Secure and Improve Efficient Client Experience at Envoy

Unlike in the past, office visitors today sign in digitally. Thus, logbooks have long been overtaken by events. Since digital means are prone to infiltration mostly by malicious people, OneLogin has innovated a secure software that is installed in office registration iPads, and that makes the registration process safe from any external infiltration. The company, in conjunction with Envoy, developed software that automatically generates visitors’ photos and badges immediately they sign in. This innovation by OneLogin is in line with its reputation for providing highly efficient and secured tech services.

The System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM)

Envoy operates in San Francisco and handles clients whose tech needs are not only demanding but also require high-security levels. These customers usually have a lot of activity going on on their servers and this at times makes it hard for their in-house IT staff to manage the servers effectively. After teaming up with OneLogin, Envoy managed to create a System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) protocol that does not only makes user logins easy but also makes it easy for user admins to update user access apps. User management has been made extremely easy on the side of IT admins, thanks to SCIM.

The SCIM is attached to a OneLogin app catalog. What happens is that clients simply login into Envoy through their OneLogin directory, from where they can get various provisions that enhance quicker services. These provisions include office locations and employees’ names. The SCIM makes continuous updates and synchronization and is therefore able to effect any changes that occur with time.

The Envoy Visitor Registration

Employees’ records at Envoy are accurate and updated thanks to SCIM. Through its Envoy Visitor Registration, clients are visitors can communicate with the company staff; if the visitor is interested in one particular staff member, he or she can notify that staff member upon arrival. Besides that, the registration process is elaborate enough that visitors do not waste their precious time waiting to meet a non-existent staff member.

About OneLogin

OneLogin provides cloud IT services to both big and small enterprises. The company secures its clients’ pertinent data including their users, devices, and applications. Its corporate headquarters are based in San Francisco, California.