The Rise of Kevin Seawright

A leader is a person who knows the right thing, does the right thing, and shows the right thing and way, Kevin Seawright is not an exception. He is the executive vice president and chief financial officer of the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation (Newark CEDC) which was previously known as Brick City Development Corporation (BCDC).

Kevin Seawright has immensely grown in his career. He was the vice president of operation and human capital at Tito General contractors in the year 2011 to 2013,He became the executive director of operations in Maryland, in the year 2012 to 2014 his current position is in Newark Economic Development Corporation as the executive vice president and chief financial officer. Due to all his positions, it evidently indicates that Seawright is a professional in administration and any other related financial issue.

In his financial career, Kevin Seawright has greatly impacted tactical vision and better ways of achieving business objectives in Newark city and its entire community. He puts in place exceptional business goals, a great team that works effortlessly and eventually producing successful results.

The Newark Community economic development corporation, under the leadership of Kevin Seawright, is to assist small businesses to develop all over Newark City. The Newark community EDC does not target specific businesses. Instead, it caters to all types of small businesses.

Together with his team in Newark, Kevin Seawright helps business owners to start their business on the right path, which includes making them realize the importance of tax, credit and any other financial resources needed to start a business.

AS a result, the Newark CEDC is able to offer them loans for the success of their businesses with also the help of other Economic Development Corporations. Kevin Seawright has at least two members of his staff going out in the community to assist small businesses in exploring their business ideas.

Newark CEDC offers a small business development course once a week and at the end of three months the student’s graduate. Kevin Seawright believes that financial steadiness is essential in every business because it determines how fast a business grows.