Susan Mcgalla Builds Solid Resume

Susan Mcgalla is among the top female executives when it comes to marketing and building brands. She has been doing this for decades, and her work is well-known. No one can dispute the fact that Susan has become a powerhouse in the world of building brands and connecting consumers to clothing.

She has already been the CEO of two retail clothing companies, and this has given her all that she needs to revamp the clothing line for the Pittsburgh Steelers fan gear products. Susan has become a leader in this, and that has allowed her to spread her experience and her knowledge to other women. There are lots of other women that are looking for a chance to lead in this industry, and it is obvious that Susan Magalla is just the right source to help women do this. She has a strong background in leading companies to success along with her ability to build brands. This has allowed her to totally change the way that women look at the concept of marketing.

She has become this inspiration that people can depend on when it comes to building a brand. There are some people that may have never thought that they could achieve much in the branding and marketing sector if they were women, but Susan Magalla has made this a reality. She has allowed women to see that there are quite a few possibilities for them in this industry if they simply hold on and build up their resume. If they are willing to work hard when it comes to building brands they can get recognized for their work. This is what Mcgalla did when she was with American Eagle Outfitters, and this allowed her to gain a position as again a CEO with another company called Wet Seal.