Susan McGalla, an Entrepreneur Who Shows Other Women Hoe It’s Done

Susan McGalla was born in East Liverpool, Ohio. Growing up with two older brothers and a father who was the local football coach, Susan has always been equally comfortable around men and women. This has served her well as she created a successful career in areas typically dominated by men.

McGalla attended Mount Union College where she earned a business and marketing degree in 1986. Her work career began with a stint at the Joseph Horne Company. Then, in 1994 she went to work for American Eagle Outfitters, Inc.

At the time, American Eagle was a male dominated company. There were no women in executive positions or on the board of directors. Even though McGalla was in a male environment, she was able to rise through the ranks to ultimately become American Eagle’s president and chief merchandising officer.

In 2009 McGalla left American Eagle and, after a brief stint at Wet Seal Inc., she founded P3 Executive Consulting. The aim of P3 is to give finance people an insider’s understanding of the retail world.

In 2015 McGalla took a position with the Pittsbuurgh Steelers where she is Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development. Being in another male dominated industry was not a problem for McGalla. The Steeler organization gave her a chance and she made her mark. She helped create the “wear what we wear” campaign. This encouraged fans to buy Pittsburg Steeler merchandise, greatly increasing sales.

McGalla have been a sought after speaker and mentor. She attributes her success to being authentic. Rather than spew buzzwords, she leads by example. Susan McGalla has succeeded on her own terms, without letting gender determine her career path.