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The power of doing proper research can never be overstated. And this is true of the financial world also. When thinking about doing investments, the average consumer has basically two options in front of them; either do the research themselves or find someone to do it for you. The DIY approach will encounter severe limitations, for the simple reason that most ordinary citizens simply don’t have the resources to find all the necessary information to make an informed decision. This is when an expert publication such as Agora Financial enters the picture and saves the day. Agora Financial is a publication that focuses on all things investments and money and learn more about Agora Financial.

What makes Agora stand apart from the rest of the crowd is their expert talent pool they can draw from. When they need to know about something they have the capability of sending an expert to the source to find out what is going on in a particular industry. This why Agora Financial was one of the first establishments to predict the rise of gold and the real estate bubble of 2008. They do not do anything based on guesswork. Their staff includes geologist from ivy league schools, billionaire investors, bond experts of the world and even Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists and more information click here.

Agora Financial is a branch of the Agora Network and it was established in 1979. Bill Bonner, the acclaimed writer, and essayist founded the company and has published several books on finance and investment. From the very beginning, the network has focused its energy on advising people on investing in a wide range of portfolios, including precious metals, technology, small-cap stock etc and Agora Financial’s lacrosse camp.

In fact, Agora was one of the first establishments of its kind to make its presence known on the internet. Since the late 1990’s Agora has been putting together a symposium, in Vancouver, Canada every year, called the Agora Financial Investment Symposium, where industry experts come to speak about future opportunities and Agora Financial on Facebook.

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