Securus Video Visitations Keep Families Connected

The connections we create with our family and friends are the foundation on which we build our lives. Every moment shared with those we love accumulates to build upon that foundation creating a strong family bond that in turn creates strong individuals. But there are unfortunate situations that prevent loved ones from being together and any resource that offers the opportunity to share moments is invaluable. Securus Technology provides that opportunity to so many families that are separated and would otherwise miss precious moments that can never be replaced.


Securus Technologies is an exceptional resource for providing families with various communication services that keep everyone in touch. The company is dedicated to keeping families connected during a time that can be very difficult. Securus provides technological services to families of incarcerated individuals that make communication easy and cost effective. Phone service, email, voicemail, and even video is available to make keeping in touch regularly possible. While browsing at their website, I found so much valuable information about the services and products offered by Securus. The company’s options are varied enough to provide for the needs and budget of any family that is encountering the stressful disconnect caused when someone they love is in jail. Among the many services offered, one of the best is video visitation which helps being apart so much less painful.


A video that demonstrates how powerful these types of visitations are can be seen at Vimeo Channels. Video visitation makes it possible to keep families in touch at special times such as allowing a proud parent to see his kids on birthdays, graduations, performances, and holidays. It also provides a visual means for sharing the everyday moments like bedtime stories and just catching up. The looks of love and excitement on everyone’s face is touching which shows how important these visits are to these families.


The unfortunate incarceration of a family member should not keep everyone apart, in fact, the tough times are when everyone needs each other most. That’s why keeping connected is so important and Securus Technologies offers that connection in so many ways.

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.