Scottsdale, AZ, Entrepreneur Jason Hope: Impact of the Internet of Things on Big Data

This catchphrase “big data” refers to the enormous amount of data that connected technology has generated. Many businesses are using this data to make their marketing efforts more efficient. While using data for analytics purposes is a practice that has been here with us for a while now, using the enormous amounts of data that has come available to us mainly due to the Internet of Things (IoT) is a very new concept. And technology experts are doing all they can ensure business owners understand it. Scottsdale, AZ, entrepreneur, futurist, and respected technology expert Jason Hope has invested a lot of resources in trying to help people understand how the IoT is changing big data and how companies use it.

According to Jason Hope, the Internet of Things and cloud storage options are very crucial business tools as they make it possible to store big data that flow into companies on a daily basis. Many companies are not storing data within their own infrastructures.

Also, as an technology expert Jason Hope provides that the Internet of Things is a key generator of data. The connected computing devices and sensors that are the major components of the IoT are accountable for collecting this data, which combines with other data to make up the enormous data that is available to companies. Sensors embedded into these computing devices gather a lot of data and transmit that data each and every day. Companies can tap into this existing data and help them in making decisions. Check

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But philanthropist Jason Hope mentions in his blog one of the major challenges of the Internet of Things and big data connection. The data that the computing devices collect can be irrelevant and unhelpful. Wading through the data can be difficult and reduce the benefits of the data. Some Internet of Things applications has been trying to help solve this problem by providing devices to sort and offer a preliminary analysis of this data.

From this analysis, it is apparent that the bottom line is that the big data is going to continue growing into firms and the number of devices joining the Internet of Things will continue increasing as well. Learning how to harness the value of big data so as to be able to make the right decisions is the key to the future. Forwarding-thinking companies will do this and, consequently, do extremely well in the progressively more connected world of the future.

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