Sahm Adrangi Dedicated to Uncovering Fraud

Kerrisdale Capital Management managed to raise an approximate value of 100 million dollars from its investors. The purpose of contributing the amount was to bet against a stock. The co-investment fund appeared to be unique because hedge fund leaders typically raise funds to commit on known investment thesis, for instance, distressed energy firms’ recovery. Nevertheless, the relatively small Kerrisdale company projects to use the amount appropriated to short the stock of a yet to be known company.

Sahm passed a message to investors through email saying that they raised a considerable amount of money because they have good relationships with the alternatives community. Adrangi noted that they were endeavoring to make everyone understand the insights about company that they took. The company in question is worth 10 billion dollars. According to the email, Shane Wilson, who was Kerrisdale’s analysis and Adrangi were working on a video, report, and website that could help them convince other people of their thesis.

Sources revealed that the company would come into the public limelight in mid-May. According to the source, the hedge fund had begun obtaining stock that could help them establish its position in the yet-to-be-unveiled firm. Kerrisdale’s primary hedge fund has a return of 28 percent per year according to the anonymous source.

Sahm is the CEO of Kerrisdale. He initially worked as an analyst at Longacre Fund Management for almost two years. Sahm also worked as an analyst in the bankruptcy restructuring group of Chanin Capital Partner as well as in the Deutsche Bank’s leveraged finance group. Therefore, Sahm Adrangi developed a wide range of experience from his working in different firms.

Mr. Adrangi studied Bachelor of Arts in Yale University. He has skills in hedge funds, investment banking, investment management, investments, restructuring, portfolio management, and equity valuation among others. Sahm is among the young executives known to have wiped numerous corrupt foreign organizations from the stock exchanges of New York and still making considerable investments in the process. Sahm managed to grow his hedge fund which is Kerrisdale Capital to a 200 million dollar investment hub from just one million startups.

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