Royals Fun rescues a Puppy

On Sunday, there was a baseball game hosted at the Kauffman Stadium. Many fans from the Royals team attended the game. A report by the Kansas City indicates that there were low temperatures of 90 degrees when they came across a puppy. The age of the puppy was four months. Locked at the backseat of the car, the puppy lucked out upon sensing the presence of human beings around the car. Josh and his family took a keen interest in the lucking puppy. They busted the windows of the car upon a realization that the puppy was not only tired but also thirsty. With the assistance of the Royals team and management, they were able to open the door thereby pulling out the puppy.


The fans reached out to the puppy with hugs and kisses. They also availed water for drinking thanks to their caring nature. Later on, the puppy enjoyed the guest services offered. Strangely, nobody claimed the puppy. It was however taken to the pet on the next day. The check up included vaccinations and arrangements for donations. Michael Warner was one of the rescuers. He stated that he was hoping to adopt the puppy. He, however, cited impending reasons as to why he was not able to adopt the puppy as the distance between where they were and his home in Missouri. Although Michael was disappointed, he was thankful for having met the affectionate animal.


It is vital to note that leaving an animal in a hot car is life threatening. The sameapplies to a child. According to studies conducted by General Motors, cars have the tendency of heating up at a faster rate. A good example is the influence of the outdoor temperature of approximately 80 degrees which has serious effects on cars. After 30 minutes of heating, the temperature of the car was 114 degrees. From the story of the puppy, it is vital to note that animals and pets are at a high risk in such situations.