Real Estate Agent in Sacramento Pays For Animal Adoptions From Shelter Until New Year’s Eve

On Tuesday, Kim Pacini-Hauch posted an announcement on Facebook that she would pay for all the animal adoptions at the Front Street Animal Shelter in Sacramento from now until New Year’s Eve.


By the afternoon of the next day, the announcement had garnered over two million views. According to a spokesman for the shelter, Bobby Mann, over 250 people were lined up at the shelter when it opened at noon. By 4:30, an hour before closing, people had adopted 20 cats and 21 dogs. In fact, the shelter ended up posting a sign that announced, “All cats adopted today.”


Animal adoptions at the shelter typically cost $85.00 for dogs and $65.00 for cats; they will be free during “Home for the Pawlidays.” Despite Wednesday’s run on cats, there are more available. The shelter has around 650 animals being fostered, and they will be brought in to replace the lucky adoptees.


Pacini-Hauch, a real estate agent, had been a very happy client of the Front Street Animal Shelter. In 1984, she adopted a dog named Teddy from the shelter, and she has many fond memories of him. On her website, she wrote, “I loved him with every inch of my being and have missed him greatly.”


The Front Street Animal Shelter takes in about 11,000 animals every year. The shelter spays or neuters the animals, and it gives them shots, a city license and tags. Prospective owners meet with shelter volunteers who advise them on pet ownership and help match them with the perfect pet.