Providing Quality Managed Healthcare Plans

Medicare Advantage Plans are private health plans that are contracted through the government and each person pays a set amount to receive their benefits. There are three types of plans, which vary in out of pocket expenses and coverage on bizjournals. The out of pocket expense limits are high on these plans, but they have dental and vision and the original medicare doesn’t.

Medicare Advantage plans have to cover all services that are originally covered under the original Medicare plans. Emergency and urgent care needs are always covered. Extra coverage, like dental, vision, and hearing, are covered. And this plan usually includes medicare part D, which is prescription drug coverage. Any service that is not medically needed, may require you to pay for the whole amount. You can get a coverage decision in writing to see what you will have to pay, so you know how much will be covered. If you do not get an advance written coverage decision, then you may be liable for all the costs. Any decision made by medicare can be appealed. Patients need to be proactive with their healthcare needs, and make sure to read all the rules to know your rights.

InnovaCare Health is a managed healthcare system that takes both private and medicare advantage plans. They are dedicated to providing the latest, cutting edge treatment that is cost-effective. Patients always come first with InnovaCare. Quality healthcare with the latest in technology and quality medical practices are their goals. InnovaCare Health believe that healthcare works best when the organization works as a team, and they are held accountable to the patients. The patient-provider relationship is highly valued.

Rick Shinto is the president and CEO of Innovacare Health. With over 20 years of experience in healthcare, he brings his expertise and dedication to patients to Innovacare Health. Before joining Innovacare, he has worked as CEO or managing medical director for several large healthcare organizations. Penelope Kokkinides is the Chief Administrative Officer. She has over 20 years in the healthcare field with a specialty in government programs. She has an expertise in developing clinical programs, improving efficiencies in organizational structures, and managing healthcare processes.