Preparing Your Pet Animal for the Winter

Do you have a pet animal? Winter is coming, and you need to be prepared. Here are some tips so that your pet animal is prepared for the winter.

First of all, do not shave their fur. A dog that has longer fur will be warmer. If your dog has very short hair, consider keeping it indoors longer, or giving it a coat when it goes outdoors.

You also need to make sure your dog or cat has enough to eat. During the winter, they burn more calories when trying to keep warm. A little extra food can go a long way. However, do not feed it foods that it is not used to or which are not healthy for it. This is especially important around the holidays. Do not feed it chocolate or candy.

You should also wash your pet regularly. Harsh chemicals are often put on the roads to prevent ice from building up. However, these chemicals can irritate your pet’s feet and stomach.

Make sure your pet is warm. If your pet really needs to sleep outdoors, then make sure the place where they sleep is warm. Give them warm blankets and create a shelter for them.

Remember that dogs and cats get cold too. If it is too cold for you to go outside, keep in mind that your dog and cat should not go outside for too long either. They can get sick and develop hypothermia.