Police Thank Women For Rescuing Their Dog

Gary Jensen is the Chief of Police for the Logan Police Department. He thanked two women who rescued the police dog that had gotten loose. The women spotted the dog wandering on Highway 91.

Gary also apologized for not thanking the women earlier. He thought that there were other people involved in rescuing the dog. He stated that he had to give the women a shout out. The story about the dog being rescued first made headlines on November 21. The story first appeared in “The Herald Journal”.

Phyllis Avares and her daughter Toni were the ones who rescued the dog. Phyllis got in touch with “The Herald Journal.” She stated that she was hurt because no one had reached out to her and her daughter to thank them. She stated that it would have been nice if someone would have called and thanked them.

Laurie, who is Phyllis’s sister, was also hurt by the fact that the police did not thank her sister and niece. She stated that if the police dog would have been killed, then there would be a public outcry. She stated that her sister and niece saved the police department a lot of money and embarrassment.

Gary agreed with Laurie, which is why he reached out to Phyllis and Toni. Phyllis spotted the dog near Hyde Park InstaCare. At first, she thought it was a deer. The dog walked up to the car, and Toni started talking to it. The dog jumped into the car immediately. The women contacted the police. The police contacted animal control, who came and picked up the animal.