Paralyzed Puppy Abandoned By Owner

A seven-year-old dog with a customized wheelchair was recently abandoned by his owner. The dog’s name is Tiger. The dog was abandoned at a veterinary clinic after he had surgery. Something went wrong during the surgery, and Tiger was paralyzed. The owner abandoned Tiger because they found out that he would not be able to walk normally again. He also will not be able to use the bathroom on his own. They stated that they did not have time to deal with a handicapped dog.

Tiger is a corgi-chihuahua mix. Despite the fact that Tiger is unable to walk and has incontinence issues, he is in good health overall. He is ready to be put with a loving family. The veterinarian got in touch with The Fuzzy Pet Foundation in order to find a home for Tiger. Sheila Choi is the CEO and founder of the Fuzzy Pet Foundation. She stated that Tiger may not ever be able to walk again. However, he appears to be happy and comfortable.

Sheila also stated that the shelter is not giving up on Tiger. A GoFundme account has been set up for Tiger’s medical expenses. The goal is $3,500, and $805 has already been raised. The money will be used to pay for Tiger’s wheelchair. It will also be used to pay for electroacupuncture treatments and physical therapy.