Oakland Protesters Rescue Three Animals From Saba Live Poultry

California became the first state to abolish animal shelters that euthanize pets earlier this month. However, activists are taking things one step further. More than 200 people gathered around Saba Live Poultry to protest the conditions in which the animals are kept. They filmed, shouted with megaphones, and trespassed on the property to rescue any animals they could. Though their mission was sound, Oakland police arrested 23 people. Has animal cruelty gotten out of hand?

Activists provided images of abuse and cruelty. There were chickens stuffed into cages that were so tiny they could barely breathe. Also, bunnies were forced to live on top of the dead carcasses of other rabbits. They found both quails and chicks in trash cans alive among the dead. Many pets hadn’t been given food or water in days. To survive, they were cannibalizing each other. The “kill floor” was the worst.

The activists rescued at least three animals, a rabbit, a quail, and a lamb. They were immediately taken to a veterinarian for further evaluation. The conditions were atrocious. Their goal is to rescue as many animals as possible, and they want to bring light to the severe animal cruelty that causes so much suffering. They believe that human conscience has been removed from the equation.

While they couldn’t save them all, they certainly brought attention to a subject that seems to be gaining in popularity. At least three animals got out alive. Hopefully, with some added press and more protests, they can have this place shut down.