Norka uses Music to Inspire and Share love.

Norka Martinez Luque inspires many who are facing personal challenge to hope for life-changing miracle through her music a medium she wants to encourage and transmit love. She started following her music dream at tender age where with the support of her parents, she began her musical training in such things like; voice training, piano, ballet and flamenco while at the same time pursuing her academic education.
The opportunity to study Administration specializing in Culinary Arts, Marketing and Fashion in France gave her the first chance to join a band. This passion for music captured the attention of Emilio Estefan a music producer who recently agreed to work with her to achieve her music dream. When she got the opportunity from the producer, she received it passionately and saw that as a dream come true, given that most musicians never get that chance.
Under the leadership of Emilio, Norka Luque joined and worked with excellent team of producers among the being Harmanos Gaitan, Archie Pena and Luigi Giraldo, who become an essential part of her music creation and productions . With the team, she has produced MILAGRO and El cata which she is currently promoting. Among the many advantages, she gets from this great team of producers, the great team steered by Emilio helping her produce major hit songs in the United States of America, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela. Currently, her hit song is MILAGRO. Now, the song is penetrating as one of the favorite songs in the high classed Latin Music Billboards. This is an excellent platform to market herself and her music that only comes to those who make music so passionately and with a lot of active massages like herself.
Further, to add flavor to the song, MILAGRO mixes Caribbean sounds, reggae, and Mediterranean traces. This mixture, combined with her beautiful message has made MILAGRO not only a success but also a song that motivates and inspires those that listen to it. If bringing positive message to their funs is a responsibility to musicians, then this song, therefore, achieves its purpose of entertaining and inspiring through passing positive message to the deepest levels of the funs emotions. Moreover, just like other musicians who have the responsibility of bringing a positive message to funs through good musical lyrics, Norka has committed to the responsibility of keeping essence of message in her songs.

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