Michael Terpin, the rally racing guru

Brazil’s world of racing has its giants, and Michael Terpin is one of them. We can attribute his passion for sports to his family background as he comes from a family which prides itself on a rich sports background. For instance, his father Jack Terpin is a household name in the world of basketball even though he is retired while his brother Rodrigo is also a well-known rally driver. The forty-year-old Michael Terpin joined the world of racing back in 2002 as a motorcycle racer, and he left a mark with his many wins. They have always worked for hand in hand with his brother even during the days of motorcycle racing. Michael Terpin success in rally races is enough proof of the passion that the man has for the game. He is a leader in Prototypes T1 and has registered quite top positions since he joined. Michael and Rodrigo’s passion for keeping the family legacy in sports at the top is the primary motivating factor for them forming the Bull Sertoes Rally Team and since it was created, it has held quite a number of rallies and this year was the 25th edition which marks the longest off-road competition. Michael and his navigator Justo make the ideal combination, and together the duo proves that teamwork is the only way to excel because they have managed so many wins. Nonetheless, it is not always smooth sailing, and in a particular Bull Sertoes edition, they encountered mechanical problems which slowed them down. Michael is most especially known for his great T- Rex, and although it underwent some mechanical failures in the last race he was in causing him to fall back four positions from the top, Michael still loves it, and it recently had some modifications done on it. For instance, it now has a more powerful V8 engine, and we are looking forward to seeing him bag even more trophies. As he continues marking milestones in the racing world and taking his family name to the global map, Michael Terpin is sufficient proof to the world that determination, commitment, teamwork, and passion are the only secret ingredients to help you reach your dreams.