Lime Crime Is Here For The Fall

As the leaves fall and the temperatures drop, trends in fashion begin to change. We swap out our skirts and shorts for boots and sweaters and paint our faces with darker, more mysterious hues. This Fall, Lime Crime is taking unicorns to the dark side with their new hair color collection. With the new season upon us, these colors are just in time.

Chestnut, Squid, Sea Witch and Charcol, new additions to the LimeCrime family, all feature the same intense pigmentation as Lime Crimes original pastel colored hues. The four new shades featured in the Dark Unicorn collection are designed for color lovers who want to follow the unicorn trend while staying true to their darker roots.

Lime Crime was founded in 2008, when Doe Deere, the self-proclaimed Queen of Unicorns struggled to find lip shades and colors to match her eccentric personality. Refusing to settle for the typical colors, she began creating her own. Through online makeup tutorials and experimentation with different colors, brands and designs, the now successful business owner built her fan base and began her journey to entrepreneurship. Deere wants Lime Crime to be about self-expression. Her hope is that her customers and followers, or Unicorns as she calls them, will use these vibrant hues and colors to help express themselves freely and unapologetically.

All Lime Crime Cosmetics products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Each member of the unicorn team is committed to raising awareness for animal cruelty and helping furry friends in need find forever homes.