Library Cat Outlasts Anti-Cat City Councilman

Elzie Clements’ time as a city councilman for White Settlement, Texas, has come and gone. One of Clements’ more notable efforts during his time in office was unsuccessfully attempting to oust Browser, a gray tabby cat that served as the local library’s pest control officer. Browser became a member of the White Settlement Public Library as a mere kitten in October of 2010. Prior to his home inside the public facility, Browser was a resident of the local animal shelter.


Clements’ disinterest in Browser’s presence in the library began in July of this year, after being denied the ability to bring a puppy with him to work within City Hall. Unhappy that a cat was fine in a library while a dog was not okay in City Hall, Clements began his eviction efforts, despite the displeasure such an idea instilled in many of his co-workers and library patrons. After Clements brought Browser’s dismissal to a council vote, he was the sole vote for evicting the cat. Even after the motion was denied, hard feelings continued between Clements and his coworkers.


while the November election saw Clements ousted in a landslide vote, the city’s mayor considers Browser fit for his position for the cat’s entire life. The mayor went on to say that Browser was still employed by the library and he continues to serve as a mascot to the facility and an inspiration to child readers. Browser’s fame has earned him well-wishes from around the globe and multiple adoption offers.