Kim Dao Shares 10 Unique Korean Skincare Products

Kim Dao is someone who tries out beauty products and then shares her opinions of them with others so that they can know if they are right for them or not. This video is something special that she put together after trying some Korean skincare products ( Those who are curious about some of the weird products that are out there will appreciate this video and the way that Kim Dao explains what the products do and the way that they worked out for her. In this video, Kim Dao tries out products and allows the viewer to be with her as she does that. This video is an eye-opening one with a real look at the way that unique skincare products from Korea work.


In this video, Kim Dao shares ten unique products that most people have never seen before. One of the products that she tries out in a video is a mud mask that is magnetic. This woman uses a magnet covered in tissue to remove the product from her face, and it makes for an interesting video. This video also shares Kim Dao’s thoughts on a nose treatment, sheet mask, and other products that she feels are interesting and different. There are many great products for the skin that come from Korea, and this video shares 10 of those products and the way that they work.