Jason Hope, a Futuristic Entrepreneur

Jason Hope is a futuristic entrepreneur and a philanthropist who loves technology and has been focusing on the current technology in commerce. He has written an eBook on the same topic addressing issues trends in technology. The eBook by the title ‘Understanding the Internet of Things Revolution’ talks about how technology has improved lives of people.

The eBook gives an insight of how the Internet of Things helps to offer services that are personalized enhancing competitiveness between businesses. In an effort to outdo each other, businesses do not have an option but to provide quality services to their customers therefore improving lives. This has been made possible through the connection of devices to the internet.

The Io T is an innovation that streamlines services in many sectors, increasing efficiency and optimizing business processes. It also reduces wait time and effort used during service delivery. In any innovation, there are always challenges faced. In this innovation, Jason has stressed out that social business issues need to be addressed to ensure smooth transaction of businesses. Jason’s eBook can be purchased online on Amazon for better understanding of how IoT works.

Passionate about technology in commerce, Jason has a hope in the cryptocurrency market particularly Bitcoin. While most of the successful investors raised concerns about the trade, he was optimistic about it but did not overlook risks that could be involved in the trade.

Jason is optimistic that security of the IoT will be enhanced for future purposes to protect it from the mischievous hackers. He also encourages the use of hard to crack passwords by users to beef up security of their devices. The integration of the blockchain technology is also seen as a way of increasing security in the IoT.

Jason received his Finance degree from the Arizona State University. At Carey School of Business of ASU’s W.P, he received an MBA. His vast knowledge in finance has seen him research on technology and financial markets which has helped him in predicting the future of such markets. He is also an author and has written several books and articles on technology in financial markets.

He is a keen philanthropist and has a heightened interest in politics. As a philanthropist, he enjoys participating in charitable programs in Arizona and beyond. This serves as a way of him giving back to the community rather than focusing solely on his own interests. As a political fan, he follows politics keenly and is always ready to help those who don’t understand its concept. He is always happy to contribute his political opinions on political platforms.

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