Innovative Ways Stray Animals and Pets Are Regaining Mobility

When it comes to taking care of animals, veterinary care tends to be on the pricey side. However, that doesn’t stop people from spending money on their loved ones. One man took a different approach and decided to use the advice of a vet and build a wheelchair for his dog. Pan Chieh spends his time going to different cities in Taiwan to ensure that dogs get the proper care without charging much for his patients. He also helps stray animals who suffer from mobility issues with these wheelchairs. It gives these animals another chance at life. What’s more beneficial is that he uses plastic water pipes to build these wheelchairs. While helping cats and dogs gain mobility, he’s also helping the environment by recycling these plastic pipes.
Liu I-li, a vet assistant, was impressed with the effort Chieh made. However, Liu also believes that there could be some improvements that would help dogs out in the long term such as the friction it has on the dog’s skin. However, he commends Chieh for helping stray animals and low income families.
Stray animals and pets have suffered mobility issues due to oncoming traffic and traps set out by farmers. Once these issues are addressed, it will be easier for animals to not suffer a fate where their mobility is limited from preventable injuries. Many are resorting to 3D printing to create devices to help animal mobility. Some famous personalities that utilize 3D printing are people such as Hannah Shaw, the kitten lady of Instagram. She received a wheelchair model for a disabled kitten named Chloe, which helped Chloe regain confidence.
With more people coming up with innovative ways to save the lives of animals, it’s only a matter of time before animals can get the treatment they deserve. They can live a long and healthy life.