How Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Caught the Likes of Amazon

Amazon has been at the top of the fashion e-commerce market for years, and although there are thousands of other retailers in this space, none have been able to separate themselves from the pack. Amazon continues to widen the gap, and now they are raking in over 20 percent of the sales in this highly competitive and prosperous market. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has suddenly burst on to the scene in recent years however in the same space Amazon is dominating, and $250 million is sales of women’s apparel is nothing to sneeze at.


Hudson talks in great detail all about the growing popularity of her athleisure brand and what is driving sales. The bottom line is that the company is showering customers with a bunch of perks and providing them a reverse show rooming process that is unique in of itself. Take a look at what is happening down at the Fabletics stores inside the local malls, it is a shopping experience that is really turning heads. The stores are full of women who are trying on all the latest releases, window-shopping when they have a few minutes, or sitting down and taking the Lifestyle Quiz for an enhancement of member ship perks.


Here is where things begin to separate Amazon and Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, what happens after women leave the mall. Having tried on the clothing at the Kate Hudson’s Fabletics stores, the company will upload those selections to the member’s profile page so they can shop when they want. Women today are very busy, many working multiple jobs and not having the time to simply spend time shopping at the mall. Now that the items are uploaded to the website, these same women can go online when they want and just pick up that shopping experience where they left off.


Membership perks are something that really matter today with so much competition out there. These women want to feel like they are valued customers, and Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is doing just that with a ton of perks. Benefits include getting your own personal shopping assistant, free shipping for those online orders, and even deep discounts on yoga pants, tank tops, or active-wear online and in the retail stores.


Amazon is really going to have to pay closer attention to Kate Hudson’s Fabletics in the coming years because if they don’t make changes then they might just see Hudson’s company rise through the ranks to the very top.