Goettl Air Condition Acquires Moore Air Conditioning Company

PRNewswire published an article on May 24th indicating that Goettl is growing fast in the Las Vegas Valley. Goettl purchased Moore Air Conditioning. Moore is a firm that has been in operation for the last over 50 years. The acquisition of this company will add over 300 years of technical expertise to the Goettl team. Ken Goodrich explained that the acquisition would enable Goettl to offer its clients the best technicians in the sector. Moore has highly experienced climate control specialists. Moore’s team will enhance the ability of Goettl to grow and provide highest quality HVAC services in Las Vegas Valley.

Goettl will become the prime residential air conditioning service provider in Las Vegas. Goettl plans to increase its business by 50% in 2017. Goettl plans to source technicians from the College of Southern Nevada air conditioning technology program. Ken created the endowment that formed the J. Duncan Goodrich Air Conditioning Technology Program. Goodrich also sponsors other programs like the Kenneth D. Goodrich CSB Post-9/11 Veteran HVAC Employment Program that aims at assisting in the creation of job opportunities for veterans.

Bill Moore is the president of Moore Air Conditioning. Bill said that he looks forward to Goettl continuing with offering superior residential services that Moore built in the market. Bill further acknowledged that he shares a lot of mutual respect together with Goettl. Goettl has grown over the years through transitions to become the air conditioning services provider it is today. Formerly, it was established by Adam Goettl in 1939, and in 1968 it came to Las Vegas Valley. The firm later left Southern Nevada in 2007 because of the recession. Ken Goodrich then bought the business in 2013, and in 2016 he brought it back to Las Vegas, his hometown.

More about Goettl
Goettl Air Conditioning was founded in 1939 with an objective of offering highest quality air conditioning and heating equipment services. Goettl also provides other services including maintenance, repair, installation, and replacement services. Goettl Air Conditioning has its operations in Las Vegas, Phoenix, Southern California areas, and Tucson.

Goodrich, Goettl’s CEO always had the love for Goettl product since he was young. When Ken was ten years old, he would hold the flashlight when his father was out on evening service calls. His father impacted knowledge and wisdom that would be of great help to Ken for the rest of his life. Ken believes that when a client calls for help, you should respond right away, and not when it is convenient for you. Ken applies such policies, and that explains why Goettl is doing well in the industry.