Forex Trading and Greg Secker

Greg Secker is a Briton from England. He was born in mid 1970s and grew up in London. He is an inquisitive character and believes he can do what others may think he cannot. Goals are realizable if one believes in themselves. Through forex, Greg believes people can be able to earn from any place any time.

The Greg Secker Foundation

Greg’s foundation was set up to be an empowering agent among youth. Through the teaching of life skills to youths across the globe, the foundation hopes to empower these young men and women to be better in life. The foundation, in the past, organized leadership summits for the youth in South Africa. In future the plan is to organize a conference and training for youths in the Philippines.

Forex Trade

Greg Secker degree has nothing to do with what he does today. Agriculture was what he learnt while at school, but computers were his passion. He would build and sell computers while on school breaks therefore learning how to code. After school, while attending a job fair, he was able to get an interview scheduled with ‘Thomas Cook Financial Services’. At the company he dealt with forex trading.

One Day

In future, Secker plans to visit in the Philippines and address a summit for the youth. Secker says that through such a summit the youth of the Philippines would be inspired to grow in confidence through improved life skills. He hopes to use the lessons he learnt in the South African summit for his plans for the Pilipino youth.

Schooling and Family

Secker resides in London and as such he attended the ‘University of Nottingham. His major while in school was agriculture. He also studied food science. Greg has three children.

Work Experience

Greg’s first job was at ‘Thomas Cook Financial Services’ He was the expert in terms of forex. He was able to design a forex trading system which got him an award in 1998. Later, he became the VP at ‘Mellon Financial Corporation’. He was 25 years old at the time. When he left and started trading full time in 2003, he also gave lessons on how to trade. This desire to teach others resulted in the founding of ‘Knowledge to Action Group’.