Dr. David Samadi; “The Surgical Pilate”

One of the most spectacular things about Dr. David B Samadi is his compassionate care for his team in which his interview with ideamensch he mentions that he treats them the same as his own family. He specializes in treating and diagnosing a variety of urologic issues and has thousands of procedures under his belt working with the human machine.

When he isn’t serving those being treated at Lenox Hill Hospital for urologic issues he is serving those that need care in more than 45 different countries. Much of his time in the United States has been spent at prestigious institutions like Mt. Sinai School of Medicine.

Dr. David Samadi has pursued early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of prostate cancer as well as providing information to the public about alternative medicine, other major diseases and ailments affecting the American population, and specifically men’s health issues.

The most interesting project he is currently working on is attempting to develop a more efficient process to remove the prostate when it’s being negatively affected by a disease. The surgery that is typically performed currently isn’t as precise as it could potentially be and can negatively affect nerves and specifically the sphincter. Because of the con’s about prostate removal surgery many men suffer from the anxieties of what might happen if thing’s don’t go as planned. Dr. Samadi has made it his goal to relieve men of their anxieties by developing a better procedure to avoid life impacting side effects.

So many of us wish we had a photographic memory so we wouldn’t forget the silly things we always have to turn back to the house for or make a second trip to the grocery store. Luckily, Dr. Samadi has a photographic memory and because of that can truly visualize the internal movements of the human machine to come to better solutions to some of modern medicines surgical dilemmas.

While he is making huge strides in the history of prostate disease prevention his typical day includes a significant amount of time performing life changing surgeries and spending one-on-one time with his patients. While a majority of his desk work is done at the wee hours of the morning, he spends his days performing surgery and making his rounds to ensure patients are recovering exactly as expected.

One of the biggest reasons Dr. David Samadi has the time to spend with his patients during recovery is the efficiency of his team. Every person understands where they are needed, what to do, when to do it, and how to do it together. He can swiftly move in and out from one surgery to the next without stumbling blocks or unexpected delays. Dr. David Samadi said it himself; he is the pilot and his team is the crew.

Dr. David Samadi info: health.usnews.com/doctors/david-samadi-3908