Dog Rescues Baby Deer

Recently, Huffington Post reported a very unusual story about quite a unique dog. On July 17, 2017, Mark Freeley took his two dogs, Storm and Sara, for a walk. Storm is a male English Golden Retriever. This breed is best known for its gentle and loving disposition.

It was a day just like any other day in Port Jefferson, New York. Freeley had no expectations of an event occurring. But he got it. On this unremarkable day, instead of just going for his walk with housemate Sara, Storm jumped into the Long Island Sound. Long Island Sound is a mass of water that separates Long Island from Connecticut.

Why did Storm jump into the water? He was after an injured baby deer. Apparently, Storm saw that a fawn was not able to free itself from the water, so he came to the rescue. When Storm reached the fawn he grabbed it by the neck. He did not hurt the fawn, he only applied enough pressure to get a firm hold. With the determination of a comic book superhero, he swam back to shore with the fawn in his mouth.

Wait! There’s more. Once Storm reached the shore with the fawn, he put it down. Then he licked the fawn. Realizing that the deer was severely injured, Storm laid down with the fawn, pawed and nudged it and waited for help.

The odd final act to this heartwarming story, as reported by Fox News.Com, is that after that amazing rescue by Storm, the deer was so frightened it ran back into the water only to be rescued later by Freeley and Frank Floridia from the Strong Animal Rescue League. Although suffering an eye injury, the deer is reported as resting and recuperating.

All in all, one can only wonder who Storm will rescue next.