Dog Rescued From Fire

A dog in Kansas City, MO was recently rescued by firefighters. The firefighters rescued the dog from a duplex on Friday. When the firefighters found the dog, she was not breathing. Fortunately, they were able to revive her. The firefighters named the dog Cinderella.

Cinderella was taken to the local veterinarian. The staff immediately noticed a problem. Cinderella was not eating. They did an x-ray and noticed that she had a needle stuck in her stomach. The staff members were able to remove the needle. They have no idea how it got in Cinderella’s stomach. Fortunately, it did not hurt her internal organs.

Cinderella is now recovering. The fire may have saved her life. If the fire would not have happened, then she may not have gone to the vet. Tori Fugate works at the animal shelter that treated Cinderella. She stated that the Kansas City Fire Department went above and beyond. James Garett is the Deputy Chief of the Kansas City Fire Department. He is happy that they were able to rescue the dog.

Cinderella’s owner was hurt in the fire. She jumped out of the window and had to be taken to the hospital. Fugate stated that the KC Pet Project is trying to reunite Cinderella with her owner. KC Pet Project is also taking donations, which will be used to pay for the care and emergency surgery Cinderella received.