Dog Miraculously Saved After Collapse in Family Home

The cute Pomeranian dog named Gunso braved the cold rains that swept through the Kikuchi home on July 5th. The family feared that poor Gunso got swept away by the flood waters. Once the waters receded the family came back to their residence and surveyed the damage. Katsuaki Kikuchi was expecting the worst when he searched through the debris that collected in his home.

Gonso had suffered earlier from injuries due to a car accident and wasn’t expected to survive. Yet some inner voice told Kikuchi that his dog survived the ordeal. It wasn’t until eight days later while removing a piece of debris that he uncovered Gonzo. Amazingly the dog felt warm to the touch. How Gonzo survived without food or water was a miracle.

“We had nearly given up on Gonso,” Kikuchi replied while cuddling his dog. Gonso proved to be a strong fighter and the random arrangement of the debris saved him from death. It was truly a miracle to see Gonso even though he was severely emaciated.

The family expects that the feisty dog will make a full recovery from his ordeal. The family is grateful to have the love and support Gonso continues to bring to the family. The ordeal will strenghten the family’s ties to their beloved dog. Gonso is a survivor and a beautiful dog.

The reunion of the dog with his forever family on July 13th was joyous. With much love and care Gonso will make a full recovery from his dehydration.