Dog Left at Shelter Gets Another Chance

It is not every day a shelter dog is reunited with her family… and then turned away by them! Zuzu, a 2-year-old German Shepherd who was brought into Downey Animal Care Center in Downey, California, has now found hope with an animal rescue organization.


In November of 2016, Zuzu escaped the home she was living in. Downey staff report that Zuzu had been grieving the death of her biological father and left while the owners were at home. Neighbors reported the loose dog to animal control, who caught Zuzu and brought her into Downey.


When a family came into the shelter that Zuzu seemed to recognize and joyfully responded to seeing, shelter staff learned Zuzu had been theirs but that they were not intending on taking her home and, instead, wished to adopt a different dog!


Downey staff refused to allow the family to adopt another dog and took to social media to network Zuzu’s sad story, as they do for the many animals who come through their doors on a daily basis.


The good news? Zuzu has left the building and was in the care of a L.A. county certified rescue organization Pet Adoption Fund as of Friday, December 2. Zuzu is receiving the care she needs at Pet Adoption Fund and has already had an outpouring of adoption application requests from Facebook users. Her story has gone international and is shedding much-needed light on some of the atrocities faced by shelter pets. Zuzu happens to be one of the lucky ones, having finally found herself among humans who care.