“Dog Is My Co-Pilot” Transports Dogs After Louisiana Floods

Back in August, southern Louisiana was devastated by massive floods. Roughly 146,000 homes were damaged, making the floods the worst natural disaster in the United States since 2012’s Hurricane Sandy.


Not only were people left homeless, but so were hundreds of their pets. The local shelters were soon overwhelmed. No-kill shelters from other states quickly stepped in to help. One of them is Hearts United for Animals in Auburn, Nebraska that is helping find new homes for dogs.


Hearts United is working with a non-profit based in Wyoming, Dog Is My Co-Pilot (DIMC), that is providing free transportation for the canines. DIMC was established in 2012 by Judy Zimet and Dr. Peter Rork, and the flights are funded wholly by public donations.


Rork is both a pilot and a retired surgeon, and he has been flying planes full of stranded or homeless dogs and cats for the past four years. So far, he has made two flights out of Louisiana. He brought 38 dogs with him during the flight to Auburn.


Staff and volunteers from the shelter loaded the dogs into vans and drove them to their facility. Veterinarians at the shelter will give the dogs a physical to make sure they are healthy before putting them up for adoption.


One Hearts United employee, Kathy Liles said, “These dogs will be here whether they get adopted or not. They’ll always have a home and they’ll always have love.”


The Hearts United for Animals shelter will list the dogs on their website as they become available for adoption.