Cloud Based IAM Easing Manufacturer Stress

Modern manufacturing organizations are continually seeking cloud technology to aid the organizational success of the business. The goal is to reduce expenses while finding the versatility to make identity management simpler while improving security and agility of supply chains. While on site systems for identity management might have been the norm twenty years ago they can cause numerous challenges for today’s manufacturing organizations.


Supply Chain Inefficiency

There are several vendors included in a complex chain of supply working with manufactures. There can be over seven thousand unique vendors in a single supply chain. Productivity can be reduced taking away the competitive advantage when the manual process is slowed down by the deficiencies of an outdated system.

The risk of phishing attacks is higher in the manufacturing industry than any other industry according the Data Breach Investigations Report of 2017. Sensitive data such as partner agreements, M&A data, financials, business plans and blueprints are all handled by manufacturers. In an effort to reduce risks of having accounts compromised and data breached manufactures are seeking to ensure that data is accessed securely even remotely.

The pressure to reduce expenses is one manufacturers feel constantly. Slow app releases and the high costs of operating traditional identity management bogs them down. Hundreds of hours are spent by IT to onboard and offboard employees each year as a result of the high attrition faced by manufacturers. Handling support tickets for forgotten passwords resets slows down IT while reducing productivity of the apps.

Complicated Management of Identity

There are numbers vendors and supply chain partners working from different locations making up the structurally complex manufacturing systems. The identity system becomes over complex in its entirety when you add in the complications of app releases,and disparate directories.

IAM is a cloud based solution that can address the challenges associated with OneLogin identity and access management through multi-factor authentication, single sign on and integration of the active directory in addition to more than five thousand apps such as Office 365, G Suite, Oracle and SAP.

The streaming of technology can make manufacturing more productive and profitable.