Clay Siegall Helps The Medical Industry Progress

Clay Siegall is on the board of Mirna Therapeutics now because he wants to help other companies to get better. He runs Seattle Genetics as an antibody therapy company. Their drugs are treating two different kinds of cancer, and their drugs are causing patients to improve at incredible rates. That means that they have room to expand, and Clay Siegall wants to be the CEO that can help other companies get better. These companies include Mirna Therapeutics where he now serves on the board.

His seat on the board is just a place where he can make an impact on the business, and he knows that he can show this company how to grow as much as his own company did. It is very important that all these companies work together when they are not in direct competition when each other. They know that they can use their influence to help others, and more people will be cured by these therapies. It is critical to the health of the nation, and it is something that people have to be pretty thoughtful about. Bringing someone like Clay Siegall onto the board will make the company a lot better.

Seattle Genetics is growing, and Clay Siegall is now becoming a mentor in the industry. He knows that he has the knowledge to help people get better at running their own businesses. Their businesses are trying to help people with other kinds of diseases, and that is why they are positioned to get help from someone like Clay Siegall. They see his company doing well, and they know that the company has done $100 million in a year. The only way to stay with the pace of the industry is to make sure that someone like Clay Siegall has been consulted on their operations.