Clay Siegall and the Cure for Cancer

Cancer is an illness that has quickly become the scourge of the known world over the past several decades. Issues such as mesothelioma and other forms of dilapidated cancers are seeming to effect almost everyone we love, and this is a problem that requires a solution as quickly as possible. Luckily for the world there are a number of scientists who are willing to dedicate their entire lives, if necessary, to ending cancer’s reign of terror for all time. One of these scientists, Clay Siegall, leads the call to battle with his professional staff of highly trained scientists.

Clay Siegall has always been interested in finding a cure for cancer. While his personal reason are relatively unknown, he has strongly dedicated his career and his life to finding a solution to this global problem. In order to find what he is searching for, Siegall founded a bastion of hope for the medical world; Seattle Genetics. This company, which Siegall is also the president and CEO of, spends all of its operating time on developing new and innovative anti-bodies to fight the good fight against cancer in all of its forms.

Siegall has gone as far as making multiple alliances with powerful pharmaceutical companies in order to share his research with and make new ground in the treatment of cancer. Companies such as Pfizer and Genetech are just a few of the major companies that Seattle Genetics has partnerships with. This means that not only is Seattle Genetics and Clay Siegall interested in fighting cancer, but they are also willing to work together with other medical companies in order to find a solution.

Clay Siegall will continue to work towards finding an answer to the burning question of how to stop the next person from contracting cancer. While there does not seem to be a direct answer to this issue just yet, there has been progress made in locating a solution and it is safe to say that with someone like Clay Siegall and his company working on it that a cure will soon be found and cancer will finally die.