California Cat Travels 80 Miles Before Reunion With Owner

A heartwarming article has been floating around the Internet lately. It details the travels and travails of a cat named Squishy, who disappeared from his home in Lathrop, California a month ago.

This story had a happy ending after Squishy wound up at the San Francisco SPCA with other feral cats. One volunteer noticed that Squishy was quite friendly and decided to scan the cat for a microchip. The results were positive, and Squishy’s owner was notified before the two were able to reunite.

For those of you not familiar with the small city of Lathrop, it’s quite the trek for a cat like Squishy. He traveled 80 miles before winding up in San Francisco! Squishy’s owner Savannah made the trip herself as soon as she was notified that the clinic had found her cat.

The San Francisco SPCA posted a happy picture of the reunion on their Facebook page with a reminder for pet owners to microchip their pets. If it weren’t for the cat’s microchip, he might never have found his way back home, a reminder that microchipping pets is important — as is keeping information on the chip up to date.

Neither Savannah nor the clinic knows how Squishy made it 80 miles to San Fransisco, but it’s clear that being microchipped made all the difference in Squishy finding his way home.