Bob Reina and Talk Fusion are Video Innovators

Bob Reina was faced with the limitation that often comes with steady, secure jobs. He formerly served the public as a police officer for more than ten years until he finally took the plunge into an entrepreneur’s lifestyle. His company that he founded is Talk Fusion and they are a video marketing company and a reflection of his drive and ambition to help others and make a better life for himself as well.

A turning point for Reina came when he was introduced to the network marketing industry and he gave it a go to great effect. It was a challenging industry that changed his life for the better and many others too.

Many great ideas are the product of necessity and so it was with Talk Fusion’s flagship product which is Video Email. This occurred in 2004 when he tried unsuccessfully to email a short video clip. Working with an IT expert, Dr. Jonathan Chen, they created the aforementioned product which was a significant technological advance. He coupled this great product with his extensive experience in direct selling and lives were changed.

Reina is an ardent proponent of direct selling and with good reason. Everyone’s success is intertwined and he benefits when the dreams of others are fulfilled. He also related how he persevered through some lean times in the beginning of his entrepreneurial career. It’s a common theme among entrepreneurs and he worked diligently and overcame the obstacles in his way. Learn more:

Talk Fusion was Reina’s way of finding a problem and solving it better than anybody else and the results have been spectacular with success occurring nearly out of the gate. The product has now reached 140 countries and is a top player in the video technology market.

The power of a dream was the driving force for Bob Reina and Talk Fusion is an incredible achievement. His experience in network marketing was based on trial and error with many missteps along the way. But, his sheer persistence has brought forth an extraordinary result.

Bob Reina is no stranger to hard work as he worked at several jobs while pursuing his education at the University of South Florida. He also graduated as number one in his class at the Police Academy where he was trained. He spent over ten years serving the public as an active police officer.