Blind Pig Taken in by Shelter

A Minnesota pig left abandoned will soon find a new home just in time for the holidays.

According to the Bismark Tribune, Wanda is a blind pig who was found by police all by herself at a residence in Albert Lea. Whoever had been living there seemed to have left her behind, though no charges of neglect or animal cruelty are being filed at this point in time.

The new owner of the residence sent her to the Freeborn County Humane Society after finding her in a small chicken coop and calling police. According to Humane Society director Christa DeBoer, she had actually visited the property two months prior due to the living conditions there being “uninhabitable”. In addition to Wanda, horses, cats, dogs, and even a raccoon had been staying there. There whereabouts of these other animals is not known at this time.

When she first arrived at the shelter, Wanda was in bad condition. Both her eyes had been blinded, seemingly stabbed by something, and were heavily infected. Her hooves were also overgrown and she refused to eat or drink. With no experience dealing with pigs, the Humane Society turned to Facebook for help, which is how they met Alison Smith.

Smith is the owner of Kitty City animal rescue in Mandan, North Dakota. Hearing about Wanda inspired her to make the trip down to Minnesota and transport her back to her shelter. Having cared for pigs in the past, she was able to help Wanda begin recovery. Though she still has a ways to go, she is reportedly in much better condition and eating well.

To stay up to date on Wanda, you can follow her journey on Kitty City’s Facebook page.