Billy McFarland And The Odds

Someone like Billy McFarland does not believe in luck. He takes an idea and then makes his own odds because the does not leave room for failure. Notice that he started his first business at the young age of 13. He paired a design business with online potential clients and it was a success.

When McFarland was a mere college freshman studying computer engineering, he started a company called Spling. Spling changed a company’s text URL into an attractive mosaic graphic that made it much better for marketing purposes. McFarland is still the CEO of Spling with current clients like Universal and Discovery.

The latest and most interesting venture is called Magnises, and it caters to the millennial generation. It is designed to present a platform for millennials to be able to meet, share and generally mingle in a preferred environment. This is how they communicate and share ideas and McFarland has hit on a dynamic way for this to happen.

The secret is The Black Card which is used to facilitate the entire process. The Black Card copies all of the pertinent information from the member’s regular charge or debit cards, and then the Black Card is used for purchases at select venues, only at a nice discount. Posh restaurants, clubs, bars, wineries, concerts, excursions and select travel opportunities are all in play.

For just $250 a year, a huge number of millennial’s favorite haunts and activities are available with perks and a healthy discount. To own The Black Card has become somewhat of a status emblem, and with over 10,000 current members, it seems that McFarland has a very good concept indeed.

Currently operating in New York City as well as Washington DC, plans for expansion to other metro areas are in the works. In the sights are Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles and London. The fact that a cool $3 million in venture capital has come into company coffers has not hurt a bit. Even with current membership being more than adequate to run the company and fund expansion, the extra cash simply allows extra and quicker growth.

The millennials love the concept, and they anxious in the other newer potential locations for Magnises to make it over to their cities. According to Crunchbase, this is an idea which has now become reality and is quite a testimony to Billy McFarland, the young entrepreneur.