Beyond The CopyCat What Not To Do In Business, Ask Doe Deere

There’s a growing network of entrepreneurs joining emerging markets today. Many of whom are into managing small business ventures. A lot goes into launching a brand or business. In the same breadth, it’s a process that requires determination, motivation, investment and can be a time-intensive occupation. It’s imperative that one understands the fundamental principles of establishing a business or a brand and keeping it relevant. With inspiration being born of passion, one should carefully explore ideas and thoughts to create an actionable business plan. Interestingly, experts have suggested selecting entrepreneurs that have made successful businesses as role models. Doe Deere of Lime Crime Cosmetics is an exemplary eCommerce entrepreneur to emulate. Her passion for makeup became her business.

How successful a brand becomes is determined by its finances, passions that led to inception and having an actionable business plan. Of course, business ideas and passions aren’t always a match made in heaven. However, passion businesses can be successful ventures, provided that one employs the right approach. In fact, passion is one of three key intangibles needed to drive entrepreneurial and business success. With this key ingredient, one can focus on bringing business ideas alive. Although passion businesses have enveloped into successful empires and generated profitable income, it’s not always considered a sound transaction.

In fact, investors are usually disinclined to put money into passion ventures. Entrepreneurs typically fund startup themselves or create an irresistible business plan to get investors committed. Another dynamic that should be closely observed is market trends, and how well a particular vertical survives the industry. With a comprehensive business plan, outlining the anatomy of the startup, it’ll be easier to commit investors. Loan lenders are particularly geared towards giving precedence to entrepreneurs with a well-thought-out business plan. Learn more :

Doe Deere discussed her challenges in an exclusive interview for Ideamensch. On the journey to becoming one of the most prominent Internet entrepreneurs and beauty expert; she learned how to convert negative criticisms into positives. The young CEO first originated the “Lime Crime” trade name as an eBay seller. She initially launched an independent fashion line, and later decided to focus on makeup cosmetics. Finally, she developed the trade name Lime Crime for official release in 2008. Many female entrepreneurs have tried to reproduce her success and often draw inspiration for business ideas. Learn more:

Interestingly, she’s now focusing on public speaking and mentoring young female aspirants. She’s actively involved in her company’s affairs from modeling, marketing to manufacturing. Lime Crime biggest innovation is amazing liquid-to-matte lipstick formula. She knew that a transfer-proof, crumble-free lipstick would appeal to her audience. As a well-cultured animal activist, her entire collection includes cruelty-free vegan products.