Baby Elephant “Saves” Human Friend

One of the baby animals that ranks high on the list of beloved animals is the elephant, especially the Thai variety of elephant. Recently a baby elephant named Kham Lha in the Elephant Nature Park in Chiam Mai, Thailand rushed to rescue his human friend, Darrick Thomson. Darrick is one of the co-founders and owners of the Elephant Nature Park and actually didn’t need rescuing.

Thai elephants can form very close bonds with humans, and humans can also become very attached to elephants. The lifespan of humans and elephants can be similar, although zoo elephants tend to have short lifespans. Recently Mae Thai, an elderly female elephant resident of the park born around 1945, passed away.

Elephants are herding animals and need companionship. The Elephant Nature Park tries to provide a safe and healthful environment which includes a positive interaction with humans. The elephants in the park are generally animals who have been rescued from a variety of circumstances. They may have been injured by other animals or abused by people.

Elephant Nature park also serves as a refuge for other animals such as dogs, cats, and buffaloes or any other animal in need of a safe home. It also supports the nearby city of Chiam Mai by purchasing as much local produce as possible and providing jobs for the local people. Tourism in the park also helps stiulate the local economy.