Avaaz Fights Back to Ensure Fox Doesn’t Acquire Sky

Avaaz is a civic organization based in the U.S that promotes global activism on issues such as animal rights, human rights, poverty, corruption, conflict and climate change. It is considered to be the globe’s biggest and most powerful activist network online.

Recently, Sky started a legal challenge to UK regulators to reconsider if the pay TV provider is in a position to have a broadcasting license when under the control of Rupert Murdochthrough a letter. Avaaz claimed that Ofcom’s original decision was increasingly mistaken by the material errors of the law, fact, and reasoning and hence demanded that 11.7billion pound plan for Fox to get 61% of Sky to be freshly reviewed.

In the same letter, Avaaz said that Ofcom used absurd legal standards while overlooking relevant evidence and making simple errors on the facts given that included the history of false statements given to the regulator by the representatives of Fox.

On the other hand, there are arguments that suggest that reopening of the debate would expose the Murdochs to more scrutiny when it comes to the handling of their latest racial and sexual harassment allegations that were on Fox News in the U.S.A. This debate offered the opponents of Sky information that could help them in challenging the transaction.

In this case, Avaaz is after the documents that relate Fox’s dealings with Ofcom and the communication of the regulator with Karen Bradley, the culture secretary. Additionally, Karen intends on calling the Competition and Markets Authority to look into the power being handed over to the Murdochs in controlling the UK media.

Those opposed to the deal demand that Karen to seek a CMA review of Fox’s commitment when it comes to the standards of broadcasting. While giving a recommendation to Karen, Ofcom cleared Sky on the fit-and-proper test. Bert Wander, the campaign director, Avaaz, claims that Ofcom is continually making errors by opting to give the Murdochs a clean bill of health and it is about time that they started cleaning up.