Ally McBeagle: Petition for Justice

In Virginia, there is an animal rescue shelter called Operation Paws for Home, that rescues animals and allows people to come play with them. If the people find an animal that they adore, they are able to fill out an application in order to get that specific animal. If they are just in search of any animal, they can fill out an application for a general animal within that shelter.

Ally McBeagle is a beagle who is fostered at the Operation Paws for Home. She has a shy demeanor, and is easily intimidated by other dogs. One day, Ally McBeagle was at the dog park and was too scared to go in. She then found a woman named Gina, who was the proud owner of another beagle as well, so she knew what she was doing when it came to that specific breed of dog. Immediately Ally McBeagle bonded to Gina and her beagle. The feeling was mutual, as Gina fell in love with Ally as well. Gina decided that she would put in an application to adopt Ally with the Operation Paws for Home. She applied with a specific animal application, stating that she wanted to adopt Ally McBeagle. She also told the shelter that Ally was the dog she wanted, because they had already bonded with her and she had another beagle that got along with Ally.

Gina was the only one who specifically applied for Ally, yet the shelter told her that they would be giving Ally to another family who applied first. The family applied for any animal at the shelter, and will not let Gina take Ally home. A woman name Patricia L started a petition in order to have Ally get adopted by Gina. They need 1000 signatures in order to complete this petition.